Social Media
A necessary component in establishing and maintaining a solid digital presence, creating and executing a strategic campaign across all social platforms is one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to increase brand recognition and converse directly with your audience.
Research/Competitive Analysis:
Often overlooked as an extra or superfluous service, research is one of the primary tenants dictating all that we do, whether creative or analytical. We’re addicted to learning and sharing the latest industry developments and advancements in web, design, tech, and business/PR. We understand that staying current is key, and every article, tweet, and white paper we read inspires us daily and contributes to the bigger picture of what we do.
The right brain/left brain dichotomy dictates the structure and execution of our creative development and brainstorming sessions, yielding fresh content that is both imaginative and practical.

Our copy writers bring your brand to life through the infinite power of the written word. With an emphasis on writing that is both evocative and concise, we craft a personality for your brand that employs the perfect balance of subtlety and boldness.

From sales figures to CPM, there is an abundance of data on both your end and ours, which, when interpreted and acted on effectively, can make a vast impact on your bottom line. Our trusted toolkit of analytics platforms allows us to implement results-driven strategies that make the most of your marketing efforts.

A campaign’s overall impact in driving both sales and brand awareness is a highly measurable one. We compile data across multiple analytics platforms, translating them into a succinct, digestible format that becomes the primary catalyst for real time messaging refinement throughout the lifespan of your campaign.